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If the initial fee is waived and you secure the appointment with a credit card, so long as you keep your appointment, nothing will be charged on your card. 


If you must cancel within 1 week of your appointment, you may reschedule your appointment within 30 days of your cancellation. If you cannot keep your appointment and you choose not to reschedule or you cancel within 1 week of your appointment a second time, your credit card will be charged the $250 cancelation fee.


I only open a handful of appointment slots per month because I expend most of my energy providing a high degree of service to my existing clients, as well as preparing for new client meetings. As a result, please cancel or reschedule your appointment time at least 7 days in advance so that if something comes up and you cannot attend your appointment, I will have enough advance notice to open the slot to an awaiting family.


If you are charged the cancelation fee, but engage the firm in the future, that fee will be applied as a credit to your engagement fee.


This policy only applies for 2-hour session appointments and not to 15 minute calls or post-engagement client meetings.


Thank you for your understanding.

Cancelation Policy:

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