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You Are In Control of Your Plan.

Estate planning at Snider Law, PLLC is not one-size-fits-all.


I offer 3 levels of planning to suit your varying needs, with additional options within each level.  From starter plans primarily for families with young children and little in the way of financial wealth to more robust plans for well-established families concerned with matters of asset protection, preservation and increased growth, you can be covered.


Priced for you at the intersection of affordability and effectiveness.


When we meet for your Life & Legacy Planning Session, I will review the 3 planning levels with you, and you will choose your own fee based on your budget and the planning options that are most important to you and your family. There are also a variety of payment options to choose from.


The plans are focused on ensuring your family has somewhere to turn if and when something happens to you, that your plan will work and you have real security, not the false security that comes with a cheap set of estate planning documents. Plus your plan will include many extras to make it a true "life and legacy" plan.


There truly is no "one-size-fits-all" choice. I have created a process to educate you quickly and effectively so that you can make empowered, informed choices about what you want for the people you love, and so that you aren’t simply choosing the cheapest option because you don’t have any other basis for making your decisions. 

Ensure Your Plan Is Current

Personalized Service

I believe in personalized service for each and every client.


My approach is educational and proactive – I educate you based on the specifics of your family situation, your assets, and your individual needs, wants, desires and values. I guide you to let me know what you want most, so we can create the plan (and the fee for that plan) that aligns with your objectives for your family and your assets. 


I have an annual membership program to ensure your plan stays current throughout your lifetime, your assets are always owned in the right way and you are able to feel confident calling me without ever worrying about receiving a bill for hourly fees. Whether you will participate in the membership program or not, I will keep you updated about changes in the law and issues that might affect your life.  

I offer ALL clients a review every three years because families, assets and situations change, making it vitally important that these documents get a "check-up." I am focused on ensuring your family has somewhere to turn if and when something happens to you and that your plan will work for your loved ones when they need it.


I serve the whole family and multiple generations of the same family.  From free estate checkups for elderly parents to basic planning documents for young adult children, become part of my client family and feel how much I care.

I know you are busy and promise to make the process as simple and easy for you as possible. Click here to see just how easy it can be to plan well for everyone you love and everything you own.


Or, to get started right away, click here to schedule an appointment online. You may also call my office at 919-592-6626 or email to schedule an appointment.

Green Water


For the Family Who does not have assets that would go through the court process called probate upon death, but who want to guarantee their minor children are well cared for no matter what, their health care wishes are turned into directives and their loved ones are able to access their assets using a durable power of attorney if they become incapacitated.


This plan includes your Will, Health Care Directives & Powers of Attorney. With this plan, you know that you are taken care of if anything happens. For families with minors, I also include the Kids Protection Plan® to ensure your children are raised by the people you want, in the way you want.


You can also include post-death trust planning to protect assets for the people you love.

I've got your family covered.


For the Family Who wants the assurance and peace of mind of planning for your family to stay out of Court and out of conflict, in the event of your death or incapacity. This will ensure assets will be transferred to heirs with the most ease, convenience, and privacy possible without court involvement (to the fullest extent possible).

This plan includes everything in the Family Plan plus your Individual or Joint Living Trust. This plan also provides peace of mind knowing the firm is here to guide you during life & care for your family when they need it.

All asset transfers will be handled by

you, with unlimited guidance and support from the firm.

This plan also allows you the option to prepare in a way that protects your beneficiary’s inheritance from lawsuits, spouses, and estate taxes.

I’ve got your family covered.


For The Family Who wants the total assurance and peace of mind of the Trust Plan AND also all of the comforts of knowing that assets transfers have been taken care of by the firm, so nothing is left out or lost because you got too busy.

This plan is appropriate for busy families who want the least amount of personal effort and the greatest amount of convenience and care.


This plan includes all components of the Trust Plan PLUS an analysis of how each of your assets is titled. The firm handles all asset transfers for you to guarantee your plan works for your family.

The firm prepares a Family Wealth Inventory, completes all bank, brokerage, insurance, and retirement account documents to transfer title and change beneficiaries.

I've got your family covered.

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